I am excited to be part of this group exhibition curated by Sylvia Galbraith.

My photographs depict the Immersion of Fall leaves under Winter’s ice. While observing this natural occurrence in nature, it occurred to me that the leaves could serve as a metaphor for our lives.


Decaying leaves are trapped under the ice. This break-down process will generate life in the next season. So even when the last breath is squeezed out it’s also the sign of new life emerging. Sacrifices are never made in vain since we are part of an ecosystem that is bigger than ourselves.

Light Play

The leaves almost look like they are dancing joyfully. Your attitude will determine how you will experience different phases in your life. Acceptance goes a long way towards happiness.


The sun’s energy keeps us alive. It’s the driving force behind the natural life cycles on earth. As long as the sun is shining life goes on. Let your light shine all around you. Be who you are meant to be. Celebrate life!

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